The 20th anniversary collection of TOGA was held at The National Art Center during fashion week Tokyo S/S18. MOTHER magazine's volume III 'EROS/THANATOS' had its Tokyo release in 2014 at TOGA's Harajuku store. We were happy to be invited backstage to capture the behind-the-scenes movements of TOGA's 20th anniversary show. The 'AT TOKYO'  program presents Tokyo-based labels who represent 'the Tokyo vibe from different perspective.' Designer Yasuko Furuta hasn't presented TOGA in Tokyo for numerous years; for her to be invited to join the ʻAT TOKYOʼ program allowed Furuta to show her gratitude to everyone who enjoyed the collection from 1997 to 2017. In tune with the program, Furuta's selection of the museum at night (a rare occasion to experience the site), a space defined by high-ceilings and an undulated glass façade was the ideal location to propel her  anniversary collection. The elegant presentation of avant-garde silhouettes and artfully deconstructed, multilayered  forms born from Furuta's selection of couture textiles partnered with the atmosphere and aesthetic of the site introduced  images of a youth movement existing in an idyllic sci-fi-esque future. The fine casting made for an electrifying parade of models radiating the spirit of late 70's performers, artists, musicians and writers. 

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Words by Rebecca U
Photography byJean-Guillaume Bastin